Jet Lag Rantings

The jet lag returning from London has proven to be much worse than upon arriving. When I travel I’m so excited to arrive at my chosen destination that I just power through. But when I returned late Wed night, after what seemed like the longest hardest flight of my entire life, my new roommate had cooked me the most amazing meal. I then crashed at like 10 pm. only to wake at 3 am. I tried desperately to go back to sleep but alas, could not. So I got up and worked at the shop and then went to get my nappy hair fixed post travel. AT the Salon I was falling asleep in the chair. I just kept dosing off and yawning. I was meant to head back to the shop but instead had to go home and pass out. I fell asleep at like 7 last night and then once again woke up at 4 am to ponder such important issues as, should I get eyelash extensions? Seriously, does anyone have am opinion on this? I would really love to wake up to big full eyelashes every morning. I imagine I would always look fresh and glamorous, but do they make your real eyelashes fall out?? This is a very important topic that I need some input on please. Ok, ok, so when I arrived in London I was aware of how much I still sound like a 13 year old valley girl. I say like, like way too much. I also still use words like hella and totally and sometimes I even drop a mega bomb. So, as soon as I get around British people I start enunciating my words more thoroughly and conjugating my verbs properly and I really think that if I lived there for any extended amount of time that I would end up pulling a Madonna and speaking with a fake British accent. Why do people just sound smarter with an English accent? Sigh. But I will tell you, when Kat was fixing my hair last night at the Salon and talking like a Northern Cali, Marin girl it felt nice to, um, like be back home, like totally. So after pondering my fake eyelashes and how much more fake I would become if I got them, I started to thinking about facials and then botox and I was wondering if it was too early to get my first facelift (just a tiny one darling) and then I started to think about all the pressures to stay young and beautiful and then I started to get deep and focus on the inner me and how all the rest of that stuff is just masking inner turmoil and that maybe I should just spend more money on hiring a guru or something and really becoming that peaceful happy person I aspire to be, when I said fuckit…make up and hair and clothes make me happy so I’m totally getting a facial and some new boots and probably fake eyelashes. (hows that for the longest run on ever? Imagine what it looks like inside my brain). I used to argue with my ex-husband about this. He just didn’t understand all my obsessions surrounding vintage clothes and glamour and beauty products and beauty treatments. I honestly think that all of these things extend not from a shallow place but instead form an artistic place. I want everything in my life, all the things that surround me to be beautiful and exciting. This is just part of my basic artistic nature and I really don’t think there is anything shallow about it. I’m just as, if not more concerned with my insides as I am my outside. I probably yammer on more on my blog about my feelings and my personal growth than I ever do beauty products. Anyway, yes I am spiritual and all that beauty and confusion and the massive ball of emotion that I feel inside is directly related to how I aesthetically live my life as well as my personal style. Anyway I digress, after thinking about all this I checked my mail and got a really sad message from my friend Henry from the UK. We were trying desperately to hook up and say goodbye but it just never happened. Fate worked against us and we didn’t get to say goodbye. He wrote me the sweetest message expressing how sad he was about this fact and now I have both jet lag and a bit of the blues; just a tad bit. I feel so blessed for all the connections and friendships I have made as I have traveled, and this is a great thing to be feeling sad about. Especially as I know I will see my dear Henry again and we will have many more adventures in our lifetimes, both separately and together. Also left behind my dear Scarlett. We spent our days sitting by a fire in Forest Hill, running through the streets of Brick-lane, drinking a ton of red wine and shopping our little hearts out. I stayed at her Fathers house…and it was freezing in London. I mean freezing. We managed to make it out most days driven by our desire to shop and have fancy lunches but often could not be bothered to go back onto the cold at night. He father Joe cooked for us almost every night and we all stayed up late chatting and drinking and sitting by the fire. It was one of the mellowest and happiest vacations I have ever been on.

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