Blessed Are We

A few weeks back I was in San Francisco and I was at BellJar doing some work. I was sitting in my office, which is directly behind the cash wrap and I could hear the girls chatting as they made their purchases. I overheard two women speaking to Cydney. They asked how I was doing in LA and they mentioned that they followed my Blog and kept up on my whereabouts. Cydney told them I was fine and loving LA. Then one of them said, “Is she happy? IS she ok? Her blog is so funny and so sad.” It was so interesting hearing someone’s perspective of how I am perceived based on my writing. I always think of myself witty and glamorous and just a wee bit over emotional and terribly over dramatic. But yes, I went back and I re-read a bunch of my posts and I guess I do come off as a bit sad. And yes some day’s I am sad. But mostly I would say, I have the most beautiful and amazing life…I literally wake up most days and just thank my lucky stars to have made my way through my crazy existence to end up where I am now. I feel so free and I feel so artistically fulfilled. I feel that I have weeded out many of the negative factors/people in my life and am now left with a select group of wondrous and like-minded adventurers. And I feel like the people that are drawn to me, all the crazy interesting new characters that keep popping up are all rewards for living my life so honestly and with so much passion. But I am human, and I am terribly sensitive and I have my bad days. And I guess when I feel blue it makes me feel better to write, to emote and to share; to connect with others through my words. So I suppose here on this blog is a graveyard of Sasha’s bad days, but if you can read between the lines, there is always a message of hope and definitely a message of love. I am blessed, you are blessed; we are blessed. n

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