Just a girl

I am a girl...I am so many different girls. Sometimes I'm strong and frank in a well tailored pant suit ready to deal with the business at hand. Other days I'm soft and fragile in my flowery cotton dress adorned with bows and ribbons on all of my frail limbs. Often I am 10 feet tall and those around me gasp in amazement when the world around my whittles me down to a miniature version of myself. Some days I wake and I can feel the warmth penetrating my sheers. I slip out from between my bedsheets and summon the likes of my mother, living on the ranch with the flower children prancing around and telling their tales of hope and peace. I put flowers in my hair to pay them homage; gauzey Indian dresses and Tibetan silks adorn my body as my hair falls naturally down my back. My grandmother looked so fine in a simple black, crepe dress. I have at least ten in her honor. I have promised myself to never wear them without the proper shoes and white gloves. On these days I sip my tea from a golden rimmed cup and eat sandwiches with the crust cut off. There is nothing like dancing in a super short mini dress and boots. It seems just plain improper not to pair these items with large, teased trestles. I'm not one for late nights these days, but when I wear a mini dress I feel compelled to dance the night away, crawling home at dawn with eyes like racoons and feet ravaged by the pinch of pointy toes. When sipping on cocktails I feel happiest in a formal dress. Covered in fur and sparkles as I tell stories of the way things were. I'm charming and alive in all my satin and silk as I sip on Savoys and dream that I might dance like Rodgers and Astaire. I often feel I was born in the wrong era yet I feel thankful to be alive and young. Friends who know me well, think I'm a country girl at heart and I cannot argue their point. Walking through soft flowing fields filled with daises peppered across the skyline, I feel content in a pair of cowboy boots and old dungarees. AS I child people were shocked that I caught snakes and lizards and chased schoolgirls down the hall, all the while wearing perfectly shined patent shoes that clicked as I walked. As far back as I can recall, I never wanted to be classified as just one thing. We change and we grow and we constantly reinvent ourselves. For me inconsistency has always been my constant. Every day I wake up to a new person. I girl just a bit wiser than the day before. And sometimes I'm the girl who makes the same mistake over and over but I still do it in perfectly shaded red lips and with the proper attire to match. It's important to always be whatever you are and more importantly who you aspire to be. mn

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