I'm So Over You, Ryan

Ok Ok I was one of the many silly girls sucked into the whole Ryan Gossling craze. After I saw the notebook I found myself unusually occupied with his chest in a way I usually reserve for boys I have actually spent time with. I rarely get celebrity crushes and honestly I can't stand being around or meeting famous people. They are just too famous...and it makes me uncomfortable, jealous a little maybe and mostly just like I need to exit the room and conversation pronto. But dear Ryan, I spent hours daydreaming about you and I and your sexy beard hanging out on my couch drinking tea, reading Rilke poems to each-other all the while ticketing each-other and screaming with happy laughter. I went there. I joined in with the rest of the over sentimental female population and dreamed about us recusing puppies together. I felt bewildered when you did not win sexiest man of the year...and then fell even deeper in love with you when I heard that you actually turned the title down. I mean I just knew you were too cool for all that and it made me obsessed with you even more. You and I got closer as we shunned holly-woods cheesy, tabloid attention. But Ryan I have to tell you, something happened. You just got too Ryan.It was more than I could take. All the things that you are, have just become too amplified to the point that I have grown tired of our love affair. You have become too cool and sensitive, too charming and confidant, and just too hot. I've grown tired of seeing your photos plastered all over girls blogs and pinterest accounts. I used to feel exuberance when your face popped up on my screen and now I'm just like, "oh yeah, it's you again, whatever." It's all just been over kill. You know I'm not the kind of girl that likes the mundane and you darling have become mundane. Too much of a good thing. So could you ask your people to get your face off my computer? Can you ask them to take you off the cover of every magazine? Can you see if they can get the hype to die down a little? I mean I can stay away from your films...but please stop forcing yourself on me and popping up on every damn page I open. I would really appreciate it. I mean it kinda feels like you are obsessed with me and Darling it's really just over. You need to move on. If you really need something you will have to go through one of my new boyfriends whose photos I posted bellow for your reference. k? Thnkx

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