LA SF Update.

Today I'm going to go to the thrift stores and junk shops in search of gorgeous little things to fill up my new Apartment in LA- I have been here just a Few weeks but it is driving me crazy...the camp like experience of an unfurnished apartment. I don't even have a knife to cut fruit with. I can get down and rustic with the best of them...but a girls gotta have a knife and a colander. Right? I mean I don't even have a curling iron, what's going on? I have had bad hair for almost two months now. So between junk shopping I will be curling iron shopping as well. This renting my house out in SF as a Vaca rental is going swimmingly. I have a couple in there this weekend and then I come back up to SF at the end of the week....stay for 10 days and then its rented out for 2 weeks! Its perfect! It's amazing how when you just decide to do something...really put your mind to it, the universe works along side you. I mean it really does. Whenever I take a leap of faith it usually works out. There are some struggles in there, but the struggles just make it that much more interesting. So I have been on the hunt for projects in LA. And it seems like its going to be pretty easy to find fun creative work down here...all sorts of strange opportunities seem to be coming my way...but more than anything, I want to find an investor to help me open BellJar #2. I have even found the space that I i just need some money to do build out and buy inventory. Universe come on...get my 50k already! I will be heading back to SF tomorrow to train our new manager and set up Gold Rush Marketplace. It's our Holiday Pop up shop featuring a ton of amazing local designers. Very excited for this. Everyone has really been working hard to make awesome products. Thanks!

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