Ladies and Gentleman the Fabulous Stains

v null I saw this movie when I was a in elementary school and it totally inspired me to become new wave. For Halloween that year I was a stain! They other elementary kids did not get it at all- I was way too controversial. Years later looking back on the film it introduced me to so many amazing iconic musicians. This was the early stages of my interest in punk. Up in till this point I was listening to my moms Beatles and Rolling Stones records. The cast is kind of crazy looking back- An incredibly young and gorgeous 15-year-old Diane Lane (pre-pre The Outsiders), Laura Dern also a teenager, the Fee Waybill, front-man of The Tubes, Paul Simonon of The Clash and Steve Jones and Paul Cook, from The Sex Pistols. After this movie, I shed my Gunne Sax for ripped fishnets and leather booties. My parents were not happy but they were hippies so they were pretty cool about the whole self expression thing. I started to listen to the Ramones and the Runway's. I wanted to cut my hair and shave the side so bad but Mom put the kibosh on that till I was in JR high. I used to sit at the bus-stop and smear on black eyeliner, odd colored eye shadows and cherry red lipstick. Awe I was such a young a darling little rebel.

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