This Is It!

It's official, tomorrow I am off to LA on my new life adventure. I think this all started this summer when I went traveling. It had been so long since I had really taken time for myself. Time to explore, time to have fun, really just time to live. And I had such an amazing adventure that I came home to my stagnant life and realized I had become mundane. I know that sounds surprising to outsiders. I know that running BellJar and all my silly yammering about how glamorous my life is gives off the impression that I'm 100% fulfilled, but truth be told, I am not the kind of person to succeed at one thing and be satisfied. I want and need more in my life. I need constant change and a life that has a pace that keeps me on my toes. My life in SF as lovely as it is has become predictable. So in true Darling fashion, I am putting myself on unsure grounding once again. I'm not totally sure how LA will pan out, but what I do know, is I am up for the adventure. Hopefully soon I will be posting about my amazing new creative endeavors, including but not limited to BellJar LA! In the meantime, all my San Francisco lovelies...take good care of my baby. Treat her well, rove her lovely racks, covet her sparkly Jewels, and attend all her glamorous events. And don't you worry your pretty little head I will be back to my fair city every few weeks. I mean come on, down deep inside I will always be a SF girl. XO Darling

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