You are like sooo Immature

I have decided it makes no difference what age people are. I mean I still feel like I'm around sixteen years old. I have way, way too much responsibility for a sixteen year old, that's for sure, but it's still how I feel. I have friends that are fouty-five that seem twenty..I know twenty year old's that act sixty. The body may age but sometimes the mind just can't keep up. And as far as boys go, I can honestly say that there are twenty somethings that act with more grace and dignity than guys my own age or older. Are we all just a big mixed melting pot of teenage emotions distributed unevenly between the masses? And as I watch all of my old-school friends grow up, couple up, and stay in while I still for all intense purposes, continue to do the same things I did ten years ago, I say this; after being the first married and the first divorced I deserve to be sixteen again. I missed a large part of my twenties. So for now, I will frolic and giggle, prance around in dresses, flirt with guys, wear lip gloss and make out after two am. I will play on swings late night and eat too much ice-cream and champagne on a Sunday. I will often spend way too much money on a new pair of shoes rather then paying the electric bill. Soon enough I ill be bogged down with the responsibilities that come with growing up. I'm gonna fight them off for as long as I can.

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