Call For Artist- Gold Rush Marketplace s

Hello friends & artists, For holiday 2011 the gallery BellJar will be transformed into a special market focused on one of a kind and small batch, artist produced merchandise. The store, named “Gold Rush Marketplace”, will be a gold rush mining town theme with a modern and updated feel. We will feature the work of our favorite artists and designers from across the country and happily extend an invitation to you to be involved in this exciting project. Although products based around the gold rush theme are welcome, they are certainly not required. The aesthetic of the shop will be vibrant with an emphasis on colors, patterns with a 70’s bohemian feeling. Think saturated 70’s photographs of the Death Valley, Native American baskets and the good ol fashioned California frontier. We also want handcrafted items that are cosmic and spacey, but modern in their approach. In addition, we would welcome clean and modern utilitarian items to juxtapose against the rich colors. We definitely encourage prints, cards, zines, printed shirts, etc, but we also want to see innovative new ideas as well as items that are functional and decorative. Keep in mind this is for the holidays so gifty things like votives, cups, pottery, candles, frames, journals, jewelry, jewelery boxes, hangbags or totes are always hot sellers. Please also keep in mind packaging. Gold Rush Marketplace will be open for the months of November and December. Initial submissions and intent to participate to be received by Sept 7th. We would love to see your ideas prior to your production so we can make sure they are on the right track. Final submissions due October 12th and should include an image of your product(s), basic product description and pricing information. Products that are accepted should be available for drop off at the store no later than October 19th. They will also be featured on our online store. In an effort to keep products affordable, submissions should be around $200 retail or less. It would be great for each artist to have both a high and low priced item. All items will be taken on consignment basis. Items that do extremely well may become part of BellJar permanent stock. Submissions should be emailed to We so excited to seeing what you come up with. Thanks for being involved in the amazing project! See attached moodbaords for direction and inspiration. XO- Sasha & Kylea goldrushmood3 goldrushmood2 goldrushmood

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