Precipice- Tonight at Gallery BellJar

This is seriously one of the most amazing shows BelllJar has had, thanks to miss Kylea Borges. I happen to be the happy owner of one of her pieces already. Make sure you all come out, I think it's gonna be a bot crazy so come early for Electric Kool-Aid cocktails. Crazy Psychedelic kids. XO Group show featuring artists: Juliette Oken, Aaron Rodriguez, Sarah Applebaum & Kylea Borges Show Runs: July 15th - August 9th “Precipice” is inspired by the saturation and special effects of psychedelic movies from the early 1960’s and late 70’s. Drug induced dream sequences disconnect hyper-color worlds and space from their context. Before the use of computer animation technology, artists worked to create hand painted lunar landscapes and with tinted gels for effects. This grouping of artists and their work seek to reclaim that lost art in a new way with a fresh perspective. Juliette Oken Bay area based artist and designer Juliette Oken creates works that depict dreamscapes with combined use of collage, colored pencil, gouache and screen-printing. Her science fiction inspired landscapes come out of reflections on the relationship that humans have with nature, and with life as a perpetual state of metamorphosis. A pervasive fascination with culture and the iconographic-signifiers that construct our human mythology get integrated into her narrative dreamscapes with intergalactic storms, black magic deities, space caverns, horizons and mountains unfolding infinitely extending patterns. Juliette received a BFA in Painting/Drawing in 2006 from the California College of Arts and she is currently managing an active art studio space in San Francisco for graphic illustration, design, print-customization and for the production for her screen-print based décor project, STARCADE DESIGNS. starcadedesigns.blogspot.c​om Aaron Rodriguez Aaron Rodriguez is a San Francisco based artist that uses tradition cut and paste collage techniques to create alternate realities. In an attempt to steer away from any sort of digital crutch the artist manually cuts out found images and appropriates them as he sees fit. The images range in date from the early 1900's to the 70's and are usually repeated making the original image hard to recognize. Aaron’s work spans black and white optical illusion to surreal hyper-color, taking images out of their original context and placing them in a world all their own. Sarah Applebaum Artist Sarah Moli Newton Applebaum lives and works in San Francisco, California. Internationally recognized, her work has been exhibited all over the world and including La Triennale Di Milano Design Museum in Milan and the San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art here in California. She has been featured in a diversity of books and publications throughout China, North and South America and Europe. Applebaum's new-psych work has played a key part in reinvigorating installation and soft sculpture through her use of textiles in contemporary art. Kylea Borges San Francisco based artist, Kylea Borges, has worked with both collage and textiles from a young age. Inspired by the crafts of both her mother and grandmother, she began experimenting with visual and physical textures as a kid which eventually led her to a career in both art and clothing. Kylea’s work utilized techniques such as weaving paper to create unusual textures and depth in her work. Currently her inspiration is found in pairing natural patterns and designs with geometric forms.

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