Let the Sunshine In

I'm pretty sure that I'm a nicer person when it's sunny out. When I wake and see the beams of light streaming through my lace curtains I just feel good. No lets make that unbelievably happy. I lie in bed warmed by the sun, dreaming of flouncy strapless dresses and ity-bity shorts that I will wear to celebrate the suns arrival. I'm pretty sure it makes the dogs happier too. As we run through the grassy park in the early morning light, I see a certain little hop in their step that's not there on gloomy days. When it's sunny I can feel summer love, cotton candy kisses, swimming naked in the reservoir, bodies tanned and warm, held close together. When it's warm I'm a long Sunday bike ride, a hot make out sesh under an old creaky oak tree; I'm warm cherry cobbler, a nap in the afternoon sun. When It's sunny I am the most spectacular me. (only with spf 30 on) .

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