Fractured Little Figures

So many projects going on, so many moving pieces. I'm not gonna lie I have been being terrible irresponsible the past week. Well as much as I can be considering my workaholic tendencies. Had a lovely weekend of shopping for Vintage dresses, good meals with good friends and some nature time over in Marin for a little catch-up. This morning finally finished up a bunch of my work, tomorrow, car to the shop, hopefully Wed down to LA then back and off to Big Sur for a Mini Vaca. I have been a bit distracted. I tend to make grand gestures, get carried away and then get cold feet. That may have been the case for me lately. But I'm getting my bearings straight and really evaluating what I want. And I really do want to move on with it, expand, explore, create, do bigger and better things. At least I know that much. And despite the past few weeks slow down in momentum, I'm ready to get my eye back on the prize. I really want BellJar number two to be in Sunset Junction, so LA peeps please keep an eye out for spaces for me. Have a great broker on the lookout but often word of mouth is the best way to find a space. The next burning question is...should I buy tickets to Paris. I mean Paris is obviously always a good idea. Viva La France but is it the right time to run off? Sometimes everything is glaringly clear for me and sometimes it feels as if I'm viewing my life through a thick pane of glass; fractured, obscured with half fragmented thoughts. I crave clarity. I am equal parts adventurer and sedentary creature of habit. I'm ruled by this indecision that grips me at the most inopportune moments. Be gone I tell you- I think a week in Paris is the only answer. Ne pensez-vous pas d'accord? 

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