Memories Of Pink

I like to pretend I despise pink, because it's just too expected that I would like it. I'm already so ridiculously girlie that if I decorated my home in shades of pink or sauntered around in cotton candy tulled dresses, it would be cute overload. So I shy away from my pastel friend. I am now a different class of fancy. I am chartreuse, I am jade, I am gunmetal gray and sometimes I am french blue. But truth be told in college my room was pink. Just the lightest shade of blush and when I woke in the morning the soft reflection from the rose walls made my skin glow. I slept in frilly pink nighties and sauntered around in marabou clad heels. My roommates found me frivolous but how could they complain about such silliness. I once traded a painting for a vinyl pink couch. I still secretly miss it. So my darlings, I now leave pink to you. Please go fourth and shine in rosy goodness, I will recognize it on your cheeks..and will be just the tiniest bit envious.

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