I want to start over

Things have been so crazy for me lately. I have been back and fourth to LA like ten times in the past month. I have gone on and one the past few years about wanting to move to LA. That want in me getting stronger and stronger all the time. I miss sunshine. The past two days in SF have been so lovely and it just puts me in such an amazing mood. I love to run around town in summer dresses and shorts. Sitting in the park, drinking wine is the most glorious activity I can think of. I want my life to be filled with sunny Sunday afternoons. But the other thing I don't want in my life is traffic. So the quest is, to find a place to live as well as a place to put a second BellJar that does not require too much driving to get back and fourth. I'm thinking I would love to live in Beachwood Canyon or the Silverlake HIlls and then have the new BellJar in Silverlake. I'm kinda dreaming of Sunset Junction. So now it's time to go back to LA and research some more and have it all fall into place. A month ago I was so complete sure it was going to happen immediately and now I'm dragging my feet a bit. I think it's that SF has been so glorious. I love it here when the weather is nice. That mixed with the fact that my friend Scarlet and I have been just out and about on an almost constant level having an amazing time. My life has just been incredibly fun lately. Just when I think I'm through with San Francisco it morphs into a whole new City. Lets talk about why I love SF. Nobody does food and cocktails like us. There are so many lovely restaurants here. As much as I love LA, their food just does not compare. And pretty much, my social life revolves around going to said restaurants, sitting at the bar and commingling with all the other people around. Every-time I go out I meet new and exciting people and I love that aspect of our city. I would have a hard time giving that up permanently. Anyway I'm going on, but if LA does pan out...I will not be gone forever...I will probably spend half the time here and half there. SF is my home...but LA is calling. It might just be a booty cal, but I've just got to figure it out for myself.

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