Bianca Jagger in Vogue UK 1974

When I was in high-school I read the Warhol Diaries which lead me to my Bianca Jagger obsession. I dreamed I lived in New York in 70's and popped pills while wearing Halston with the likes of Liza Minnelli, Baryshnikov and the guys from T-Rex. I wanted late nights filled with sequins, satin and expensive champagne; white limo rides and coffee in the east village after three. When I was 15 my friends mom gave me her silver Halston jacket from the 70's and I got a bottle of Halston perfume for Christmas. I frequented the under age dance club in the city I resided in and tried to re-create the glamour of fallen debutantes and drugged out rockstars from the decades past. In my mind, my days are still filled with these decadent visions...intertwined with my need for peaceful days in the country running through fields in a flowy dress. What can I's a mixed up fabulous world in the mind of Darling. MX-2600N_20110420_123135_001 bianca21 bianca1 MX-2600N_20110420_123251_014 MX-2600N_20110420_123251_015-500x353

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