Feeling ever so Darling

The comments section of my blog have been down, but they are working again.Yayy! People always talk about mercury retrograde in regards to lives getting thrusted in to chaos, and apparently it hit me hard this time around. Damn you constellations! But it's over and everything is pretty much back to normal. So time to focus on more important things. Like my social life, parties, highheels and boys. But first a quick stop up to see my family. I need a weekend in the country. I'm gonna drive up to see my Mom later today, go to the farmers market on Saturday do some thrifting, then drive up to Butterfly Valley to see my aunt and uncle. They live out in the middle of a lovely valley and have horses and llamas and a yurt on their property. It's so lovely up there, sometimes I think about running away and living with them. But when I get back, I'm ready for dinner parties, cocktails, picnics, running through  fields, bike rides with cute boys and all night soul dance parties. So start planning. Sasha Darling is ready to play. P.S. Yesterday the most dreamy, tall bearded and bespectacled guy came shopping at BellJar.  I've never seen him around, but he was totes my dream boy. I told him he had great style...but what I didn't say, is, "we should totally make-out and fall in love and be all silly and mushy." I mean he did have great style. He was dressed like a cute fashiony nerdy, professor. Dare I say he had the style of my dear Jarvis? Pretty close. I'm sure he was also madly in love with me and he was just being coy by not saying anything. SOOO when I get home I'm on a quest to find him. Or maybe he will just saunter back in to BellJar and sweep me away. We will probably move to Paris. Oh, and think of all the fun we will have this summer before we move. We will go to flea markets and take road trips through the desert. It's totally going to be amazing. inspiration inspiration inspiration inspiration inspiration inspiration

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