London Calling

What a crazy month. It all started with my trip to LA to shop for fall, and it's been a nonstop whirlwind of insanity since then. Total complete meltdown mode. Everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong. For the past two weeks the store has been in total crisis. It all started with one frozen computer that set off a chain of events that I can't even talk about. I'm so sick of hearing myself talk about it. Lets just say, I have learned more about my business, how to set it up, what to and not to do in the past two weeks than I had in my entire three years open. I like to think this shakedown was needed to make me a better business woman. I will never again make the mistakes I made setting up my computer system, I also now know that I can exist without my computers and survive! Phew. Customers have been pretty into the whole hand writing and old school credit card processing that we have been doing. They say it fits the store. I kinda agree...but by the end of this week we should be up and running with our new pos system. After a month of stress and just going, going, going...I took a few days off. Friday had a day of indulging...Four Barrel, mani-pedi, Pizzeria Delfina and then Dolores park. Friday night went to dinner with some girlfriends and then to 111 Mina. It was so warm out I wore shorts out at night made the boys kinda crazy, after the long winter I think everyone is getting excited by the exposure of skin. Saturday went on a crazy booze fueled bus with a bunch of boys and a small handful of girls to the pinball museum in Alameda for a pinball tournament, put on by Workshop. It was pretty hilarious and in the spirit of wild crazy parties I drank beer and whiskey and let people draw fake tattoos on me. Seriously felt like I was 25 again. When they bus rumbled back to SF I to hit up bars with pinball machines inside, I put back on my granny hat and hailed a cab. There only so much wild partying I can take. Saturday day we had a quick BellJar photoshoot with photographer Mark Likosky and my lovely friend Scarlett. Take a peek at the pics below! Sunday I spent the entire day alone. I have just been so overwhelmed by the mania at BellJar. I just wanted to go to the gym and then sit in my house and stare at the walls. I read and listened to music and then watched cheesy Hollywood romance films. But mostly I slept. I dozed on and off all day long. I know many people spend Sundays like this, but I never do. I'm always running around, doing something. I think I'm starting to burn out. We are just about back to normal at the store. New POS system, inventory almost all placed back in to the system. Lord. Now I need a vacation. London? Did I hear Scarlet say London! IMG_5541 IMG_5533 IMG_5499 IMG_5564 IMG_5604 IMG_5733 IMG_5846 IMG_5855b IMG_5878 IMG_5472 IMG_5360 IMG_5350 R1-07620-020A Isn't she sooo lovely! Thanks Scarlett and Mark

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