Somethings Brewing

I’ve had this little feeling swirling inside me, a tiny voice inside my head, that’s been telling me that my time is coming. Something amazing is about to happen. I have been walking around with my head in the clouds for days, as I have had to deal with one emergency after another at the shop. Yet despite the obvious annoyance of things going terribly wrong, I have still had a secret smirk on my face keeping me calm, through the storm. Behind secret smile is the knowledge that after years of hard work, years of sacrificing, it’s about to pay off. On Thursday the BellJar server went down, leaving us virtually helpless at the store. I cannot believe how dependent I have let myself become on technology. After a frantic Thursday we found a way to process credit cards, but everything else halted. Inventory could not be put in; web site could not be updated. Access to vendors completely gone; information for my accountant complete lost. The week ended with the sad news that I would have to purchase a new computer, which I did yesterday. I spent the earlier part of my Friday night with IT trying to get everything up and running. Eek I’m pretty sure that is not part of my glamorous life. After dealing with all the drama down at the shop and you are only getting part of the story here, I firmly needed a stiff drink and some serious pampering, so I threw on my new favorite high heels, grabbed Scarlet and headed over to Absinthe in Hayes Valley. I really just have needed to get away from the Mission. Scarlet and I walked in after finding princess parking and managed to right away grab two seats at the bar. We both ordered a fancy cocktail and a few things to nibble on. After one cocktail we decided to switch it over to wine and we started our weekly girlie discussion catch up. What have yu purchased? What are the boys in our lives up to? Family updates and general conversation about all our aspirations and obtaining them. Photoshoots we need to plan, places we need to visit. Ahhh my crappy week just started to melt away. I hate hanging out in bars. I mean I haven’t always, but these days I hate being crammed in tight quarters with a ton of people clamoring for crappy drinks. I enjoy a nice seat and a beautifully created cocktail. But I still find it surprising that I can spend an entire night at a restaurant. Well that’s what we did; we sat at Absinthe all night. After a bit our friend Rob came to meet up and we started brainstorming world domination in the art scene and how we could incorporate traveling the world in our plans. I feel a seedling of something great blooming out of this discussion. We finally decided to skat and went to Robs pad downtown for a nightcap. I’m usually in by like 11 or even midnight. I’ve got dogs, and they are much like kids and I need to get home to take care of them. But last night was so fun and I really needed to blow off steam, so at three am I had to force myself to head home. Rob was tempting us with late night adventures and kept dragging Scarlet and I to his living room floor trying to make us dance, but we resisted, thinking about our poor sad people and pets waiting for us at home, and we ran off into the night. IMG_1414 IMG_1408 IMG_1403 IMG_1400

Late night tom fooleries with CB's

Don't hate me Scarlet. Nothing is sacred.

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