Big girls need big diamonds

Last night...Dinner at Bar Tartine for Jory Pants Birthday, Then stop in at Royal Cuckoo For Kelly Malones Birthday Bash where I picked up Caitlen for late night girl slumber party with the pooches. This AM up early for the gym, and a little me time. Tonight I plan to pop in to Maverick for dinner and hang with Miss Mandy Darling...also I left my curling iron at her house before I went to LA. Need to get that thing. My hair is a wreck. A wreck I tell you. Then meet up with kids at Mr. Lew's Win-Win Bar. Friday hanging with Scarlet. Hoping to get out of the Mission. Any recommendations? Then Saturday tagging along for some bands photo-shoot in pending. God it's terrible out there. My windows are so old on my house I'm afraid they will just bust out from the frames. The wind is beyond terrible. I want to stay home and watch old Liz Taylor movies. Sad... Oh right I'm off subject. Saturday night late night din din with a group of peeps at Bar Agricole. After this week of major eating out I swear I'm gonna go on a fast. The food at all the SF Eateries are so good but also totally rich. I have been working out like a maniac...yes a lot like the ladies in flashdance, but when paired with over indulging on 1200 calorie late night dinners I fear my progress is being halted. Bikini weather is just around the corner. Not to mention I just got THE CUTEST bikini last week with Mandy. Yesterday felt gloomy over the loss of miss Liz. Such a beauty and oh that waist? They don't make bodies like that anymore. She took on such amazing roles...riskee for the times but played them with such tenderness it was hard to see her as scandalous. Even in the likes of butterfield 8. To me she will always be Maggie the cat...just clinging on to that old, hot tin roof. Tried to chase my gloom away with one of my fancy new vintage dresses from my weekend shopping rampage. Brightened my spirits a bit. I felt pretty, but this rain does nothing to inspire. Rain, rain go away... tumblr_liiqz1I2Rf1qf57co tumblr_liiqw0lybD1qf57co Manticore Imaging liz taylor liz taylor liz taylor liz taylor liz taylor liz taylor liz taylor

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