Boring is the Biggest Crime

The last few dates I have gone on, the guys have mentioned me blogging about the date. Now of course I thought they were concerned I would write about boring they were, what terrible tippers they were, how their hair line was slightly receding. But instead it ends up they wanted me to write about them. It's so odd and perplexing to me. I mean I think I'm crazy to blog about myself, but I'm a Leo and the older I get the increasingly more comfortable I become with the fact that I just love to be the center of the universe. And why not? I'm pretty darn fascinating. I'm pretty. I dress cool. I'm smart. I have the most bizarre insane stories to tell about my upbringing. I have a bunch of freaky unique talents. I'm vulnerable. I'm honest and above all I'm funny. But the fact that other people would want me to talk about them on my blog just seems strange. Are we all just so self obsessed and caught up in this whole online presence that any and all mentions are sought after attention? Well sadly I have not been on any dates with any males that are blog worthy or earth shattering recently. There have been a few hot guys that lacked depth, a few depthy guys that lacked height and an over all large flurry of total bores. And there is no crime in this world to me that is bigger than being a bore. I mean some people might hate me upon first meeting me. I can't say that I blame them if they don't get my shtick. I'm over the top, I'm dramatic and if you don't read between the lines I can come off as shallow, but you can never ever accuse me of being boring. When new people don't get the Sasha Darling silliness, they should at the very least feel they got their moneys worth in entertainment value. I did go on two amazing girl dates this weekend. One with Scarlet on Saturday...Haight street shopping where I scored some amazing new dresses and then yesterday to the Vintage Fair with Klover. If my boy dates had been half as fun as my girl dates I would totes be in love and on the way to the alter. Damn girls in SF are rad. Here are some pics from my shopping adventures. vintage show vintage show vintage show vintage show vintage show vintage show

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