BellJars Three Year Anniversary- Myth- Hannah Stouffer

I cant believe it's been three years...but then again it's hard to remember a time before BellJar. They say most businesses fail in the first three if you can make it to three, you are over the hump. I figure, since I opened right before the economic crash and have operated as a viable San Francisco business despite the recession, that I'm well on my way to reaching all my dreams. It's been an amazing three years. Of course there have been some struggles and some disappointments. There was even a small stretch that I felt like I would not make it. I have sat in my office and just cried and at times I have felt overwhelmed and exhausted. But despite the few hiccups along the way, this has been the happiest time of my life. I have met so many wonderful people, I feel such a part of the community. I'm so blessed to be part of the art scene and above all I really love what I do. It has been such an amazing pleasure getting to know everyone through the shop and I have made some really great friends. I think at this point most store owners would take a step back and spend less time at the shop, but honestly I love being there. I love helping customers, meeting people and chatting with everyone. So I say, thanks to everyone who has supported me and made BellJar a success. There is no way it would have made it through these crazy three years if it wasn't for everyones support. So....I hope this friday to be one of the best BellJar parties ever. I have long been an admirer or Hannah's work and she is a perfect artist to help make this an excellent event. We also are raising money for Rocket Dog Rescue by having a kissing booth! I bunch of super cute mission boys and girls will pucker up to save pouches. We are super excited about this silly and girlie fundraising event and hope you will get in the spirit. Drink, look at art and kiss some hotties! See you all on Friday! xo Darling Click here to check out the online shop for the below art...we expect this show to sell out so presale is already begun! The Idea of the Holy High Ceremony The Numinous Psychokinesis MYTHritual

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