Having a best boy friend...the best medicine

It's funny, our Mom's can tell us we beautiful all day long and on a bad day, we will still look in the mirror and see a zero. When a girl is in a slump there are few people that can say anything to make it feel better. Best girlfriends are trained to tell each-other how great they are. They are also trained to make up excuses about why a guy is being a dick..or dissing a girl. We are around to be each-others constant cheerleaders...but knowing this often takes away from the soothing power the words between ladies. When a boyfriend or even a potential boyfriend compliments a testy girl, it sometime can backfire. I know, girls are crazy. A boyfriend can say, "you look so amazing" and all we can hear is "you are a huge fat cow". If it's a new suitor it can often come out as, "I really am only interested in you for sex". All of which do not lift the fragile ego of a girl. I was feeling particularly icky last night, when unsolicited my best guy friend mentioned how great I have been looking. He asked me if I was still going to the gym a ton and when I said yes, he was like "yeah, I can tell you look so great". Amazingly my spirits were lifted. Guys don't don't just say things like that unless they really mean it, especially when its a guy that you are not romantically involved with. I'm not even going to get in the argument about weather or not girls and guys can be just friends. Me and my best guy friend have been friends for 15 years. I'm not saying there have not been some awkward situations fueled by possible sexual interest, but when all is said and done, he has been there for me through the thick and thin and he seems to be just about the only one that can knock sense in my head when I'm just being a silly, irrational girl. Plus sometimes he changes my light bulbs for me! So I'm just saying girls...get yourself a platonic boy bestie. No you can't have mine. But you can date him!! 1950s,artists,men,party,poet,women-fc2a9676ba0b9ff505ce4af13ac5487e_h tumblr_kx6qpptFr41qa1dako1_500 616636901_fe35352493 73962_2_468

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