After finally feeling better...I had a super full weekend. Went to dinner with my pal Kylea for her birthday at Dosa and then to her little Soiree. Saturday night went to a party at the Pin Ball Museum in Alameda for Klover's birthday. My god, what a rad place. The front is all vintage pin ball machines and the back modern ones. It's 15 bucks to get in and then unlimited pinball. It may be my new saturday night jam. I didn't realize pinball was sooo fun. Sunday did brunch at Bar Tartine with Jori and then a superbowl party. No I did not watch the game...i hung out on the porch with the ladies and drank lemonade. The weather was unbelievable all weekend. Sadly...I got sick again. Went to Cala yesterday to shop for Summer frocks and just started to feel so terrible. Got home at 4 and crashed out. I slept straight through till this morning. I felt so bad this morning I was literally in tears. I'm usually so healthy and since Holly died it has just been non stop sick. So I'm in bed watching the are some pics for you to feel like you are hanging with the sickly, but always glamorous Sasha Darling. the-real-runaways The+Runaways Runaways rush-n-runaways-1976 The-Runaways-the-runaways-4593979-500-570

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