Through The Grey Emerges Tiny Rays of Light

Have been hiding away the past few days, regrouping. Thank god for Miss Jory pants for taking care of things down at the shop for me. It's been such a long time since I have slowed down. Yesterday I finally pulled myself out of my bed where I had ben lying for almost two days in the same clothes and took myself to the gym and the dogs to the park. It's not fair to keep them cooped up, just because I'm having a breakdown. Here's the thing with pets, they depend on us so completely and in return for their constant and steadfast love we must take care of them. They are my cheerleaders, they are my constant reminders of how beautiful life is, even when I have almost completely forgotten. When I was going through my divorce it was Holly and Pig that were here night after night, standing by me, unshowered, matted hair and puffy eyed. I remember Holly would touch her paw softly to my face when I cried and she would meow sadly. Pig who is not much of a snuggler would put her face right against mine and just stare at me with her soulful eyes. How could I not pull myself out of my slump and move on? If not for me then for them? We went up to the excelsior park and it was lovely out. This weather really is something? This is why I adore San Francisco. It's unpredictable and when you really need a little sun, it provides; even in the dead of winter. Today I woke up to a severe cold....bordering on a full blown flu. Not quite ready to come completely out of my hiding...but soon I will emerge even stronger than before. em>-3 em>-2 em>-4. em>-1 em> days

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