Holly Golightly

I'm writing an article for the bold italic and was out doing some research for it last night. I was out for about three hours when I returned home to my kitting dying. I held her in my arms as I frantically tried to rush to the pet hospital but she died as I walked to the car. I couldn't cry. I was calmly shocked. I took her to my backyard and buried her in a soft mound under my apple tree. Here she will forever rest. I went to bed and had nightmares all night of murdering and death. I silently sobbed between my horribly, fucked up dreams. I had Holly for 19 years and every night she slept snuggled in my arms, tucked at my chest. Last night was the first time in nearly two decades that I felt alone as I slept. I'm utterly heartbroken in a way that seems so indescribable. Today, is the first day of a life a tad less bright, as a light in me has gone out. Please don't call me. I don't want to, I can not talk. IMG_4449 IMG_4447 IMG_4437 The last photos taken of me and my boo. Rest in peace my love.

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  • Oh gawd, this breaks my heart. 19 years is alot of happy times. I’m sorry it ever had to end. mah.

    “To spare oneself from grief at all cost
    can be achieved only at the price of a
    total detachment, which excludes the
    ability to experience happiness.”

    ~ Erich Fromm

    • klover
  • I’m so sorry sweetness, I’m thinking of you and sweet Holly. I won’t call as you’ve requested, but I’m here. You gave her such a beautiful, healthy and abundant happy life xo

    • Lily
  • so sorry sasha …of course nothing i say will help…but bless you for your kindness to animals..

    • jack
  • Sorry for your loss, Ms Sasha. Sweet baby kitty is in good company in the land of the spirits.

    • Amy Jo
  • Oh Sasha, I am so so sorry. I know how hard that is. She was a well loved and very sweet kitty and you were lucky to have each other for 19 years… Love you. xoxo

    • Karen