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Have not been able to get to my blog for a few days as I was off to LA to meet a little Pup I fell in love with online. The same thing happened with Piglet. I saw her and for 2 months harassed my now ex-husband to adopt her. He was not convinced about bringing a Pitbull in to our home. After much crying and pleading we made the four hour trip to meet her and after about 5 minutes Piglet won him over and was in the car on her way back to San Francisco. This time I had no one to convince except myself. I saw her and fell in love but was reluctant to take on more responsibility in my life. I offered to foster her and thought, if she ends up being sweet and an easy addition to my home I can later decide to adopt her. After a week of looking for a rescue to pull her for me she started to get kennel crazy and was labeled as possibly aggressive! I was unable to find a rescue that could take on the liability. Her time was running out so I decided to just move forward with the adoption...but at this point with possible issues on the table, the shelter was not authorized to adopt directly to me without a rescue to back me up. I finally found one...but then it fell through. I was desperate at this point and called and talked to the shelter. I convinced them to do a direct adoption by explaining my dedication to her and promising to work with them if problems occurred. Catch was I had to jump in my car unexpectedly, with a stack of work on my desk, to meet with Violet and make sure it was going to be a good fit. It was either that or just walk away from the whole situation. What else could I do but drive down and figure it all out. I couldn't sleep I was so worried about this girl. So Sunday, at 6 am, I jumped in my car and drove straight through during the most miserable storm I have ever experienced in California. It was pouring rain the whole way and when I made it to the grapevine the wind was so intense it knocked me over while trying to get gas. I say trying because all the gas station were closed due to power outages. I had a less than a quarter of a tank and could see the storm was getting worse. I considered waiting for it to pass and to fill up my tank before I started over the Grapevine, but was anxious to get to the shelter so decided to risk it. By time I got on the grapevine I was caught in a full blown snowstorm. It was crazy!!! We all were driving 25 miles an hour and sliding all over the road. Turned out it was a good thing I risked it. Ends up the grapevine closed 20 minutes after I started. I would have had to detour back and it would have taken like 3 was noon then and the shelter closed at 4. I may not have made it. But I did! It was pouring rain when I met my new girl. I was tired and anxious but thanks to the wonderful volunteers at Pasadena Humane society, Ryoko and Carol Lee along with the adoption Administrator Kevin the meeting went flawlessly. As soon as Violet was out and interacting she was sweet, responsive, Pig loved her, I loved her and I knew it was a done deal. She was coming home with me. I had my friend Lily who also helps with Pet rescue come meet her and she concurred, Violet was a keeper. Carol Lee hugged me she was so excited that I decided to take her and at that moment I just started to cry...cry from relief, happiness, exhaustion. Ryoko put so much energy in trying to save this girls life and it was down to the wire. If I had not taken her, she may have been doomed. But instead she is now snuggling with my cat and my piglet! Kevin was so sweet and worked to get her spayed for me the next day, despite it being a holiday and I was able to pick her up yesterday morning to take her home. Ryoko met me at the shelter to make sure it all went smoothly!! Now I need to talk about Ryoko. I swear she is a saint. She is a Teacher and in her free time volunteers at PHS and works on rescuing animals. She dedicates all her time to doing good. And to boot she is a knock out. Just a beautiful person. She is one of those rare beings that I aspire to be more like. Her compassion and commitment inspire me beyond belief and she asks for no accolades for her work. So once again Ryoko, thank you for saving my Violets life. Now we are home...and things are cool. We are chillin on the couch, hanging with cats.

The Video that first made me fall for her!

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