Gypsy Den

clutteredgypsy: facemeetfloor: vintagerosegarden (via miss-mary-quite-contrary) As you may have noticed there have not been many written updates lately. The good news is things have been crazy here at the shop, the bad news is that means I have very little free time. But I'm not complaining. It's amazing what a wonderful mood December puts us all in. Why can't every month in retail be like December. A bustling store filled was cheerful customers piling the counter with lovely little things for both themselves and their beloved. It's makes me happy, it makes them happy, it makes whoever they are buying gifts for happy. It's just a win win situation for all of us. That being said, I took my first day off...and only a partial one at do errands. I bought my Christmas tree, strapped it on top of my car, drove it home and drug it up my stairs to the living room, all in high heels and a cocktail dress! I also went and stimulated the economy with a little holiday gift shopping myself. Then I went to Whole Foods to order the preparation of my holiday feast, seafood of course! Now that this is all done and the holiday is coming to a close I'm thinking about my get away in January. Somewhere nice and quite and cozy. A little gypsy den to hide away from the world for a few days. I want to lay around in silk nighties, sipping on red wine and have my long hair brushed. I want to walk through the morning light with my fur coat and a pair of goulashes listing to the sounds of birds chirping with delight. I want to soak in clear hot springs, scantily clad, while spirits linger in trees and beckon from above. For just a moment I want to be free.

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