Behind the scenes- Photoshoot

Been working on my styling and art directing portfolio- Had an amazing shoot last week out in Pt Reyes. Waiting patiently for final shoots but her are some outtakes to tide me...and you over- Kylie_1226 Pt_Reyes_791 Pt_Reyes_790 Pt_Reyes_789 Pt_Reyes_763 Pt_Reyes_761 Pt_Reyes_753 Lindsay_Barnett_058 Pt_Reyes_046 Pt_Reyes_044 Pt_Reyes_028 Pt_Reyes_023 Pt_Reyes_020 Pt_Reyes_011 Pt_Reyes_009 Pt_Reyes_003

Photos by Sean Dagen

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