A visual list of a few things I want

Christmas is just around the corner

Vintage Columbia JSW Mystic Answer Ouija Board 1944

An Ouija Board


More Country


One of those Palm chairs! And Damn I saw one at Goodwill at my Mom's House last time but did not buy it!


To be naked more often


To be young enough to still get excited about mystical experiences; witches, warlocks, astrology and Eastern Religion  while on drugs. ( Now they just make me scared and paranoid)


A swimming pool


To make out


An old yellow school bus to take on camping trips (or an airstream)


A pet Crow


A vintage fur stole


A white pony for my living room


To fall in love


A dream catcher for my window

Glimpse of the Marais, Paris with Half-Timbered Medieval House

A walk through a windy Paris street

The Pong

A trip to Tokyo

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  • We must meet! You’ve chosen the most beautiful images to convey your wants. I also want the airstream, that particular naked body to be naked in, a pool, freaking making out and falling in love is AWESOME! I also wish I could let go and enjoy drugs but I am too scared and paranoid, and we def need MORE country! I do have a ever growing collection of vintage fur stoles, it’s a problem, but at least I wear them :) Hope you get what you want!

    • Scarlett Fiona Reed
  • :)

    • Junker Jane
  • Oh your store looks so cute! We have such similar taste! I will have to coem visit you if I make it to sant crauz soon. But do pop into BellJar if you are in SF!

    • Sasha Darling