Just Something to Throw on To Do Laundry

steven-meisel steven-meisel2 steven-meisel6 steven-meisel7 steven-meisel9 steven-meisel10 steven-meisel12 steven-meisel5 steven-meisel1 steven-meisel11 steven-meisel4 steven-meisel8 Sometimes girls come into the shop and try on fancy, little dresses and claim they don't know where they would ever where them. I always say that they can wear them to go grocery shopping or to the post office. I'm only half joking. I can be seen around town running errands in 3.5 inch heels and fancy dresses. I say if you got the clothes, then wear them. Life is too short to save glamour for "special occasions". I say make every day a special occasion. Use linen napkins, take out the china for sandwiches and put on that lovely dress and go about your day!

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