Some pretty pics for the road-

There is so much going on right now. I need to skedaddle up to my momas house. She is still not better and she needs a little love from here fabulous daughter. Problem is, I have to take of wed morning to drive to Palm Springs. I have been helping plan the decor of my friends Maggies Wedding and I need to head down early to help set up and organize. The wedding is Saturday, then I need to run over to LA on Sunday AM for Spring shop for more lovely little things for the shop. On top of all that, I'm still looking for a roommate and me and Jory have been working night and day to get the website up and running with a ton of new merchandise. Its our first Holiday with a website so we are hopping it brings some extra revenue for the store. We really need to see it pay off. It's almost been three years that BellJar has been open and we are still experiencing all those pangs of being a new business. Learning lessons, trying to figure out how to make it profitable. Learning better processes and more creative ways to do things. I try to keep in mind the old saying, do what you love and success will come. I keep telling myself over and over, the great success is just around the corner. I know for some just opening a shop sounds like I have already found my success. And in many personal ways I have. But their are so many more things I want to do with BellJar, and all of that takes money. Money to be able to hire enough staff. The capital to open another Bellar somewhere else. The money to pay off my old loans. Damn someways just the money to pay me. I'm the last person on the list to get paid...after all the over head, all the vendors, all the employees, credit cards, loans, insurance, taxes and so on...and then me. I can't tell you how many times in the past three years I have not paid myself for working like 70 hours a week. But that's the trade off for doing what you love and chasing your dream and I would not go back for anything. Anyway I have last minute errends to run to prepare for the wedding, then I I'm off to my moms...then home to work on the website again and then to the desert. It will be crazy few weeks. I hope to blog as much as possible. Post some rad pictures from Palm Springs and LA! Till then xo Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike Maaike


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