My Heart Belongs To Texas- Erin Wasson

Yeah she is a babe. And she makes rad jewelery and we carry it at BellJar. All the it-girls are wearing LowLuv. Sadly it's not available on-line due to distribution restrictions. But give us a shout or just come in and see us, Darlings! 1yvleq 309u5pj 2ypiz5h 2dlkui0 mvpz7p 29x658l byebt ilggau 2w7iphs-1 24mt7ye 2191f8o 2hcoleh 2iarhav wkpppu 317coea 1nzciq 2ppy7t0 348ra8i j8l8n7 309u5pj

Elle Magazine- August 2010

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