BellJar Goings On

Had a Web-Shoot yesterday with my roomates boyfriend Mark Likowski . He works down at Mccann and they have a killer photo studio. I was lucky enough to borrow the space and him for a day. Supper sweet! Lovely Models Libby and Nida and Jasmin styled. The shots are amazing and will be uploaded in the next few days. Here are some shots to tide you over. liby2 38908_423747145904_617885904_4777780_1962870_n 37902_423747090904_617885904_4777777_518454_n liby1 33511_423747430904_617885904_4777808_588436_n 37580_412897314502_584289502_4670969_4838572_n 35938_412897074502_584289502_4670955_5335323_n 37971_412896839502_584289502_4670946_4892588_n

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