And I'll Make No Bones About It.

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{I want to be your lover}

I'm not sure if Jarvis knows this yet, but he is going to be the next Mr. Darling. I'll be a great stepmother, and he and I can do cute things together like peruse flea markets, or read old, dusty books under candlelight. It's gonna be glorious. When Jarvis was a young lad, I always thought he was sexy...I may or may not have been one of the girls, enthralled by his stage presence at the Pulp show at Bimbos  back in I think 1998? But really it's the man Jarvis has grown into, that I find myself obsessed with. Not the skinny awkward over-sexualized boy from times past, but rather the mature, graying professor version that now exists. If I can't have Jarvis, I will eventually settle in with a sexy, nerdy professor with large glasses and a corduroy jacket.

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