Beauty Treatment

tumblr_l3tu1prEfJ1qaois4o1_500_large Yesterday grabbed my GF and drug her to the Fleamarket and out to some late breakfast. After I took her home I meant to get a mani-pedi. I thought I would just stop at the indie mart real quick and see if there was any cool, new upencomer that BellJar might need to carry. What I found instead was my cute web/assistant, Jory with her own booth selling amazing little Vintage finds. The call themselves Little Curiosities and they made a Shop-Moma feel proud. I also found myself two margaritas that were surprisingly strong, so I never made it to my earlier mentioned beauty treatment. Instead I rushed home and showered trying to sober up in time for true blood! Today, I'm planning out all the beutey regiments for the next few weeks...the following is a list. Mani-pedi Hair cut and color Facial Massage Wax It's a wonder that I can get anything done at BellJar with so many Beauty obligations.Sometimes I dream of opening a super glamorous full service salon. I picture it to be much much like the french salons that the like of Marie Antoinette spent her days lounging around in, while wearing lacy frocks and silk bound corsets. But it will also have to have those crazy almost torturous looking weight loss and beauty machines that were so popular in the 50's. Just for ambiance darlings. I mean what's a relaxing beauty treatment without a little threat of torture? I swear there are just too many ideas swirling around my pretty little head. wiring_large 20080609181758 5_large 20080608174744

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