Jetsetting Darling Update

I know it sounds like a bit of a jetsetter as of late, and maybe I am! The first two years of BellJar were spent mainly, manning the store alone, which meant no vaca’s for Darling. It had been pretty much like two and a half years since I had had a proper get-away. Well now I’ve got the shop in good hands so I have been dashing away. I returned from Detroit late Tuesday and Friday morning was back at the airport and on a plane to Portland! Screen shot 2010-07-10 at 11.10.52 AM I arrived at 11:30 dressed in my new Charles Jordan high-heel wedgies and a little summer dress I picked up in Detroit. Hair was curled, lip gloss re-applied so that I looked my best for the Portland gang. I was imagining lunch on the Veranda and a lovely glass of French Wine, preferably a nice dry Rose´. They picked me up and I was automatically whisked away to the Clackamas River and within 45 Minuets, I was floating down the river in an old inner-tube with a Bud Light can in my hand. Sometimes you just never know which direction the river will guide you. I'm feel so lucky to have, a the very last minute, grabbed my new, super cute vintage, 1960’s bikini! I may have been floating down river naked! The River was amazing and beautiful and after three and a half hours of intense, Oregon sun and cans of guzzled cheap beer we all felt the need for a burger from the local roadhouse. Some awesome bartender dude served it with a smile, some awesome jukebox tunes and a side of local humor. I secretly had a crush on him and wanted to give him a makeover, only to find out that my friend Katie had the same plan. I wonder if we could convince to move to SF? He seemed a little too country for all that. I’m amazed that after our jam-packed day, we managed to rush home only to only to shower, drink a glass of Lilet and make our way out into the night. Met up with our Pals Judd and Ashod and hit up a few Bars. It was a very low key night as we were all so burnt, both literally and figuratively. No real crazy shenanigans ensued, but it was good to catch up with friends. Ended up late night at Montage for pre-bed eats. We made our way home in a borrowed stick shift. It had been 8 years since I had driven one so it made for a bit of a late night adventure. I had to throw my platforms off and just hope for the best…somehow we made it home alive. Tonight we are off to outstanding in the field and I’m so excited full update I promise. Xo Darlings!

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