Lessons from Supermodels

Those who know me well, would probably describe me as one of the most confident, strong willed girls in the world. I would also describe myself as such. I, like all humans have my short comings, but I can honestly say that on an average day, I wake up, feel beautiful, happy and fulfilled. I really do love my life, my body, my mind, my soul, my friends, family and above all I love BellJar. Part of what has made running a boutique so rewarding is my own personal experience shopping Boutiques. It has had a huge affect on how I run BellJar. I found that most Boutiques carry nothing above a size 6 and I often ended up in their dressing rooms crying out of frustration. I have always been proud that curvier customers can come in to my store and find beautiful things that fit their bodies and that I have a sale-staff that is helpful and knowledgeable. That all comes from being a curvy lady myself.   I of course have my bad days. Even a size two girl feels fat sometimes. Ragging hormones, PMS, a week vacation lacking exercise, a bad break-up, reading Hollywood tabloids, just about anything can send us crazy girls in to a shame spiral. My earlier post rang of a girl having that kind of day.  I got to work and was thumbing through the new V magazine that Jaz brought to the shop and there was an article about fashion returning to curves. We started googling Crystal Renn and it's funny, as lovely as she is, in some photos, I still felt myself thinking, maybe she could loose a few lbs. But really that's because I have been trained to view a body like hers as unfit. And that's just ridiculous. She is perfect. I personally work out often, I eat healthy, but I NEVER starve myself. I do not take diet pills, and I think fad diets are for crazy people. Fasting is for spiritual enlightenment and doing drugs is for losers both skinny and fat. As long as we are eating healthy and working out, then we are the size we should be and that is a beautiful thing.  Crystal says of her experience with a changing body- At 17 my body completely rebelled. I couldn't loose more weight and I realized I was going to die for a job. The next day I was completely chastised by my agency for my size and one agent pulled me aside and said, 'There's an option for you. You can either go plus-size or do commercial work.' And I asked, 'What's plus-size modeling? I've never heard of that.' And she said, Well it means you can be whatever size you want and model.' But she said it was for old women! But for whatever reason, everything made sense and I knew this was the route I had to take. I went and had a salad with salmon and walnuts and olive oil. I gave into what my body needed. I could be healthy and happy and still model. Not to mention she still works with the likes of Vogue, Glamour, on the runway with Jean Paul Gaultier and in ads for Dolce & Gabbana.  So, in regards to my earlier post - I still want a personal assistant, but only to eat yummy healthy food with and maybe accompany me on fun exercise excursions like shopping, merchandising my store and yoga class here and there. As for being a Vegan and staying away from horribly unethically treated animals, well that is very much near and dear to my heart. But I'm currently ready for my Maxim Cover right now. I don't need your help there. I have never met a boy that did not love my body as is...and I tell you what, I love it too. So sorry to all my ladies who read my earlier post. Viva la bodies, all bodies. All healthy happy and lovely bodies. Workout, eat well, and care for yourself!

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