Darling in LA?

It's so funny, I have always thought I wanted to move to NY. I have even gone as far as getting an apartment in Manhattan only to pull out based on a SF Job opportunity. Then I got married, settled down, divorced, bought a house, started a business...just firmly placed my roots here in SF. tumblr_l2aaiu2T5L1qb4dbgo1_400 Then I woke up and decided I wanted to move to LA. I know I have been blogging about it on and off since last year, but now I really think I want to do it. So, called my bestie down in LA and asked if I could stay at her house for the month of September, take some meetings, look around at places to expand, talk to some agents and really see if this might be a good idea for me. I just feel like I have done and conquered SF and the only way for me to expand is to take the next step. LA BellJar? Darling Industries? My own clothing line? A reality show? A tell all book??? Who knows. But I do know I will be in LA for the month of September! LA Peeps please plan accordingly.

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