I Don't Hate

Kristin that works for me, mentioned replacing the word hate with love...so If I want to say, "I hate my outfit today", I instead say, "I don't love my outfit". I'm always on this quest to completely ban negative thoughts and feeling from my head. I honestly do believe that when you send negative energy it just attracts it back to you ten fold. I personally like to be a happy, nice person that has really amazing things constantly happening to her, rather than one of those people that's always saying, "my life sucks, can you believe what terrible luck I have?" Well this week I have been saying I don't love....way, way too much. Its just been one of those weeks. Sometimes the haters just get you down. Not today! Instead a list of all the things I fucking love so much it makes my head want to explode. tumblr_l3wbppXpDB1qa1iiqo1_500 High heels Afternoon cocktails Sleeping late at night in a moving car Sparkly rings County fairs Dolly Parton's wigs Vintage muscle cars Eggs Benedict Snake-skin belts The Mediterranean Records Record Shopping Flea Markets Wedges Chanel Lipstick Yves Saint Laurent Rome at dusk The smell of the Library Piglet (My Dog) Holly (My Cat) Red Suede roller skates Rolling in said roller skates while Joan Jett plays Watching people fall down, but not get hurt Eating lavender vanilla ice cream from bi-rite Time Travel Talking about Aliens Herbal Remedies Country Music Roadside Attractions Fake Eyelashes Truck Stops Flashing Truckers in the Dessert Earl Grey Tea Mini-mini-mini skirts My legs in mini-skirts Manicures and pedicures Mid century furniture Fashion blogs Spell Check Typography Walking on the Seine French Kissing Holding Hands Long lunches that include wine Gold chains Massages Foot massages Beauty creams that cost way too much Good packaging True Blood The City Tiff Caramel Cooking Fancy dinners Being cooked a fancy dinner The south Re-runs of Fantasy Island A real New York Bagel with Lox Passover dinner A tan 1972 convertible Mercedes with butter yellow interior Lime Stone My Mom Christel Trash magazines while on treadmill Kittens Bunnies The Kinks Baby Cows that can't quite walk yet Sleeping past 7 am Swimming in rivers and lakes Being the passenger in the UK The trip I'm about to take to Detroit and then the next week Portland Lip Gloss Corrupting my nieces and nephews Making out with cute boys High waisted shorts Platforms Vintage dresses Dressing like I'm still 17 Ruffly panties French lace Fields with old barns Horses Crying at old movies Olivia Jasmin & Dusty Fireplaces on cold nights Camping near a lake Jarvis Cocker Perfume Silk Bathrobes Sundays in bed The lights in Tokyo The Turtles in Costa Rica Flemish Paintings Art openings The National in London Mick Jagger when he was 20 Pretty in Pink Actually all John Hughes Films from the 80's Fellini Melo Candy Canes Danish Modern Victorian Framed mirrors BellJar's Shadow Boxes Taxidermy The Band John Lennon Neil Young Champagne J.C. Gomez Handsome Chris Making knew friends and feeling immediately connected Falling in love Having a crush Keeping a secret Rolling in the Grass Walking on warm sand Watching cute surfers Cutt-off Jeans Designer Sample sales Presents from Tiffany's Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn Katherine Hepburn Marilyn Monroe Terrariums Letter Press Notes Blogging kisses on eyelids All of my BFF's Feathered Hair Lollipops Cupcakes Frye Boots from the 70's And all the pretty people that shop at my store Ok my computer is running out of juice and I need to get back on the road from the river!!! I feel so much better. Today is gonna be amazing. XOXO I do love you all dearly! Thanks all for letting me tell you a little bit about what I love

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