If I Were a Mouseketeer

Image and video hosting by TinyPic-11 Went out for a little birthday shin-dig at the homestead, the other night. Super fun, a lot of people came out and I had a good time. Hung with the Candy Store ladies, some old school garage friends, some of the art boys came out, and even my best friend who I NEVER see stopped by to say hi to me. Yay. It's so weird. I go back and fourth between feeling so pleased that I have lived in SF for so long and have such great friends, and totally mortified by how tiny it is here. It seems like every-time I hang out, no matter how completely detached I think one scene is from the other, there is always someone hanging out that somehow knows about my personal life and am surprised how caught off guard it still makes me. Such was last night. Sometimes you just can't escape things, no matter how much you want too. So whatever, I'll just embrace it and make it all too public, here on the old belljar blog. So after my initial shock of lack of privacy I settled into a conversation with my dear friend Scott and I sat and talked, once again about dating in this town, and how it seems like there are just way, way too many options. Even when you meet someone that is amazing, your like yeah, but there could be someone even more amazing just down the road. If you live in a small town, and you have varied interests there probably are not a whole-lot of options for dating. You may find yourself in a situation where you're like, "oh you like black metal and skateboarding? Me too, we might as well get married". Chances are no one else in town is gonna share your particular interests. But in SF you can't throw a high-heel without hitting some cool kid in the back of their silly news boy cap or perfectly bleached platinum head. There are just too many people that might be the perfect fit. Also, it's nearly impossible to meet someone that hasn't already dated someone you know, or someone you dated, or friends of coworkers and or hangs out with your best friends, cousins sister and they had a fling. Whatever. It pretty much feels like everyone in SF has somehow slept with each-other indirectly. GROSS. And if you narrow it down to the hipster, mission, art scene. It's just so much worse. I'm totally importing a boy from a small town. Currently accepting applications. Please send to the belljarsf@gmail address. Oh and P.S. Thanks to Gemma and Jenny who both on separate occasions told me in a a very sincere way how beautiful I am. Seriously kind words and a girl always love to hear that from another pretty girl. Yay I love pretty girls.

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