Concentration of charge

We have the Scott Greenwalt show coming tomorrow that we will be hanging today. The last group show was such a success and I wanted to take time to thank all of out artists again for being such a huge support and inspiration to me and all the girls at BellJar. Make sure you all come by tomorrow night. As per usual there will be champagne and some sort of special drink that I'm still concocting. Plus I will be wearing the cutest new vintage dress that I scored yesterday...It's currently making me swoon and I can't wait til tomorrow so I can wear it. tumblr_l0jczj7yMn1qa856ao1_500 On a personal level I have been feeling a bit drained and plan to take a week or so soon to go on a massive vintage housewares buying trip. Nothing makes me feel rejuvenated like a bit of time on the open road searching for rare and amazing finds. I might combine that with a pit stop to see my Momma who has been feeling under the weather. I really need to scan a bunch of pictures of my family so you can get a grasp of all the glory and crazy that I came from. It might shed some light on the BellJar vision as well as Sasha Darling's own glamorous, fluffy, crystalline encrusted, darkly romantic life. I draw so much inspiration from the past as well as my own experiences. tumblr_kzwyelqNJ51qadu2oo1_500 tumblr_l0kvnx2RXx1qzv83io1_500 tumblr_l0l4hpKqay1qzv83io1_r1_500 tumblr_l0l5gxFIjT1qzv83io1_500 tumblr_kyxigrE9XM1qzgyxh So just a quick blog today as we are desperately working to update the site and prepare for tomorrows show. Xoxo

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