If I Had It My Way-

I would have a personal Chef and Driver. The Chef would only cook me delicious, healthy meals that made my skin glow, my hair shinny and my waist-line slim. When I was out and about, and too busy for a proper lunch, he would pack my lunch in a gold bento box and a man in a blue suit would serve it to me. He would make sure I always had a Linen napkin and a silver spoon.  My driver would pull up in front of any of my given locations to drop me off and then circle till I was ready to jet off again. He would wear a black cap and leather gloves and would be nice to look at. We would drive an old Fiat or a Mercedes from 1973 with beige leather interior. As I exited the car, he would tip his hat and say, "good day my Lady" If I had it my way, high-heels would not pinch my toes or make the balls of my feet cry out in pain. I could walk 18 city blocks in them, with-out a single complaint. In theses shoes I would dance till 5 am, with out taking a rest. If I had it my way, I would have a personal trainer that woke me at 7 am every morning, despite the fact I was out late drinking red wine. He would bark orders that inspired me to work harder and praise me on my perfect form. We would run trails together with my dog and I would have the perfect butt. If I had it my way, I would wake up every morning to perfect hair. I would look like a tussled model from the 60's with my hair falling ever so slightly in front of my eyes. I would peak out with my pouty lips and ask for a cup of tea. If I had it my way I would speak 11 languages at least well enough to fall in love. If I had it my way I would live in a huge, brick house, that when you exited to one side was a city filled with nightlife, shopping and culture, and to the other a grove of treas that opened to a meadow and a pond filled with cranes, while deers sipped their morning water. If I had it my way our skin would grow smoother as we aged. When someone said, "you look so old", it would be a great compliment and you would be proud of your grace and your knowledge. If I had it my way the airlines would still provide a lounge on their planes, with a spiral staircase and a gorgeous women in a bright pink suit to seat you. The drinks would have fancy stirrers with an emblem representing your exotic destination. If I had it my way a night on the town would still involve a cocktail dress and heels, while enjoying dinner and dancing to a 10 piece orchestra, even on a Tuesday night. If I had it my way, I would always get my way!!!

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