I can't believe it's been 2 years!!!

I'm so elated, stressed, proud, tired and beside myself with utter joy, that my little, beautiful boutique is turning two years old. To celebrate, I have gathered some of my favorite artist from the past two years, to exhibit together in one glorious show! Being surrounded by so much talent keeps me motivated and inspired and I thank them all for their continuous support. Here are the details:

San Francisco, CA, March Friday the 12th, 2010 6-9 PM—BellJar will be hosting a group show retrospect of some of our favorite artist that we have had the pleasuring of working with.

Come and Join our celebration of two glamorous years and counting as well as the launch of our e-commerce site.

Enjoy cocktails, vintage photo-booth pictures from Glass Coat (glasscoatphotobooth.com) and cupcakes from Mission Minis! (missionminis.com)

Gallery Belljar will be featuring the work of many talented local artists’ that have graced the Gallery BellJar’s walls!

John Casey
Alexis Mackenzie
Jon Carling
Jen Siska
Lisa Congdon
Kevin E. Taylor
Kylea Borges
Ryan Coffee
Jessica Niello
Kristine Reano

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  • congrats on all your success!

    • Blood Milk