Late Night Glamour at LA Market Week!

Well yes, we do keep a very high standard of decorum here at BellJar and we always take time to make sure presentation is perfect. I mean we are ladies, after all. We are preparing for the next market and Jasmine pulled out this little gem of a video showing exactly how classy we are, even at 2 am, making nachos at 7-11. I mean a long day of shopping and sipping on nothing but Champagne leaves a girl a little what else could we do but get a late night snack from the orange food of my fav food groups. You know, Doritos, Nacho cheese, Cheetos, Velveeta! And I mean the attention to detail making the perfect Nachos really shows how we make every experience Glamour filled! Stay tuned for more moments form the next market in Vegas!

Untitled from BellJar on Vimeo.

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