I wish this was at Gallery BellJar

So amazing and beautiful. It's inspiring and it make Sasha Darling so excited to get the store up and running so efficiently that she can get back to her own art. But in the meantime keeping submitting you art to Gallery BellJar. And make sure to come down and see Kylea Borges...she is almost sold out.

Anyway Back to Audrey Kawadaki-
She basically recreated her studio in the window, like a dreamy lifesize diorama or creative goodness ~ filled with vintage finds and half finished sketches, it was like stepping into the world behind the works within the gallery, and it was beautiful! As she says on her blog, “i’ve been working on the front room installation for the past couple nights… it is suppose to represent an artist’s workspace/studio/nook, and it pretty much turned out to be a duplicate of my own. i can practically live there!” I wouldn’t be able to resist watching, pressed against the window, if she were to really “move in” and do some sketching in that adorable space!

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