Zenbunni Chocolates
Zenbunni Chocolates

 Zenbunni Bars are organic chocolate bars handmade with healing properties

Rejuvanation Bar: Biodynamic & Organic Seabuckthorn, Camu Camu, Schizandra, Pearl, Calendula Flowers, Carrot Seed, Chamomile, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery

Our “Rejuvenation Bar" has a synergistic blend of very specific medicinal herbs, berries, and flowers that have clinically been proven to improve skin cells

Kathmandu Chai Bar: Biodynamic & Organic Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Vanilla, ZB Chai Spices, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery

An ode to a magical trip to Nepal, where Zen & Bunni were enchanted by their unique style of Chai and infused those memories into their classic dark chocolate bar

Spirit Weavers Bar: Biodynamic & Organic Hibiscus Flower, Blood Orange, Elder Flower, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery

We brought together the essence of tropical magic and native soul. The Spirit Weavers bar is crafted with hibiscus flowers, blood oranges, and elderflower

Topanga Bar: Biodynamic & Organic 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery

Zen & Bunni's original recipe that started this whole phenomena back in 2007, when they perched upon a mountain, nestled in their little home in Topanga Canyon first crafting raw chocolate

Serving Size 1 Bar: 1/3o


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