Morrissey wore white jeans

18780PCN_BilsonShoes I went to a birthday BBQ Yesterday for my friend Andrew, thrown by his amazing, sweet girlfriend, Kylea. Was so happy to see one of my dear old friends Chrissy...totally freaked out. So we hung and talked and caught up on life, love, career and fashion. Chrissy was talking about how she really needed to get on the white jean train. Chrissy is like 6' tall thin and gorgeous. If she wasn't a total artsy girl with a masters to NYU, curating art openings and generally making our world a cooler place, she could have been a runway model. vb1-1 Stars Best Jeans: Look Your Best-White Jeans-Beyonce-Kate Bosworth I completely encouraged her to jump on that trend. I can't think of a better person to pull off white jeans with cool, elegance. I on the other hand, am exactly the wrong candidate for such an endeavor. Nothing says, look how big my ass is like a pair of white jeans. Believe me, I love my butt, I love my curves and I'm completely aware how to dress them to make them look sexy. Trust me white jeans is NOT the way. Girls who can and should wear white jeans. Tall statuesque girls Small petite girls Girls with straight boyish builds Athletic girls Girls with long legs Girls with big hips that are aspiring to have the mid-western mom look Girls who should not wear White Jeans Sasha Darling Girls with big butts Girls with curvy hips Low waisted girls with shorter legs Girls with big hips that would rather look like a swimsuit model than a midwestern mom The thing with trends are, people that are fashion conscience will see these looks and want to adapt them into their own style, but you have to know whats appropriate for your own body. Know your strengths and show them off. We can all look amazing and gorgeous...with just a bit of attention to detail, no?

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