It's all Happening

Everyone who is in the know, knows we have our Art Opening tonight featuring the amazing work by Scott Greenwalt. We hung the show yesterday and I have to say that I'm beyond impressed. Scott's work has evolved so much from when I first saw it last year and he has a fresh and inspiring way, of making Macabre subjects still seem playful and approachable. He will probably hate me for saying this, but the work is quite lovely in a kind of creepy way, just like Scott himself. Ha ha. So we better see you there tonight or you will break my pretty little heart. 23847_1284790558740_1199418542_30649545_6322949_n Tomorrow my old, dear friend Benny Gold will have his pilot store opening in the mission. I have known Benny for about 5 or 6 years. We used to freelance design together. We bonded over our hippie parents, being Jewish and all the weird vegan school lunches our parents packed for us. He and his wife Hiromi have been a big support to me and BellJar and I'm proud to share my neighborhood with one of the most talented people, I was lucky enough to work with. Benny, we are taking over the Mission and sure have come a long way. P.S. Hiromi will be sporting a dress from BelJar for the event! 24864_377664008259_636448259_3642635_3888686_n Last but certainly not least we just updated the site with tons of new spring apparel. Please do check in...and also spread the word my darlings? See whats new!!! So I have a packed weekend, with the show, Benny's opening, and as I posted before I'm going to see lady Charlotte tomorrow with my dear friend Olivia. I also have house guests arriving in about an hour for the next three days. Lordy you all have a perfectly darling weekend and hope too see you around town. xoxo

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